You Are Not Alone (Vinyl incl. CD) + Colours (Vinyl +download)


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Vinyl “You Are Not Alone” + Vinyl „Colours“ (incl. download)

Tracklist “YOU ARE NOT ALONE”:

1. You Are Not Alone
2. Houses And Homes
3. Invisible Balance
4. For Better Or Worse
5. Invention
6. Forever
7. Don’t Leave Us In The Dark
8. Enormé
9. The Rural Juror


Produced by Torsten Otto and Empire Escape at Loktown Studio, Hamburg.
Mixed by Torsten Otto and Mathias Oldén.
Mastered by Fabian Tormin at plaetlin mastering, Hamburg.
Artwork by Empire Escape. Photography by Toni Propeller Musikfotografie.


Tracklist “COLOURS”:

1. Oui
2. The Chemistry of Colours
3. Magnolia
4. Divine
5. The Past Is A Strange Place
6. Lightships
7. New York Movie
8. Silhouettes
9. There Will Be Blood
10. Lines
11. Constellations
12. Depart

Produced by Mathias Oldén at Aerosol Grey Machine Studios, Vallarum.
Mixed by Pelle Gunnerfeldt at Studio Gröndahl, Stockholm.
Mastered by Henrik Jonsson at Masters of Audio, Stockholm.
Artwork by Tobias Tietchen. Photography by Jens Paulsen.

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